Everywhere, people are awaiting a messiah [leader/hero], and the air is laden with the promises of large and small prophets [experts]… we all share the same fate: we carry within us more love, and above all more longing than today’s society is able to satisfy. We have all ripened for something, and there is no one to harvest the fruit…

Karl Manheim (1922)

Jung observed, “No matter what the world thinks about religious experience, the one who has it possesses a great treasure, a thing that has become for him a source of life, meaning, and beauty, and that has given a new splendor to the world and to mankind. He has pistis and peace …. Is there, as a matter of fact, any better truth about the ultimate things than the one that helps you to live?”

Marie-Louise Von Franz CG JUNG His Myth in Our Time

Welcome to Playing into Wholeness

Do you feel a longing or desire to live a deeper more heartfelt life, one with much more meaning? My experience suggests the greatest treasure each person has is their soul, which resides within us through our time on Earth. Our soul wants us to live a much greater life than many of us do.  In truth most people are not living a life of soul at all. And for this each of us and the natural world are paying a great price.
By exploring our own interior world each person can learn to hear their soul speaking. Our souls desire is expressed in many ways, through dreams, visions and intuitive connections among others. Following these threads each person can begin to create a life that is unique, the one each one of us was born to live.
Human beings are also part of nature and are interdependent with it. By exploring and relating to the natural world, one can discover a resonance with the soul of nature which mirrors our own soulfulness back to us. 
And so all of these threads of remembering and reconnection weave together creating the potential of something new for each of us to live.
Through these new relationships you can find undiscovered qualities of self, begin to create new art/stories for the future and through all of this find new and deeper meaning for living.
Each one of us can become a more whole human being by living this way. By doing so each person can harvest the fruit of their own longing.
How then does one start to live a soulful, whole life?
Here is one answer I like.


Notwithstanding my failed attempts to date, I continue to seek my life’s meanings liberated from the shackles of a culture from which I cannot escape.

I am passionately pursuing a life of excellence even as I rediscover and reinvent what this means for me. Your mileage may vary. I’ve no doubt it does, considering the personal nature of excellence, meaning, and love.

I am here to learn. I am here to describe what I have learned. I am here to live. I am here to love.

I am here. Please join me.

Guy McPherson – Nature Bats Last Blog/ March 2017

This web site similarly expresses aspects of my own soul work and journey to wholeness.

Mike Daniel

Depth & Soul Guide








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