Welcome to Playing Into Wholeness

Having rewritten the home page introduction a number of times since I started my web site 5 years ago I’m at it again. 

This time the change is an attempt to convey some of my experiences with movement, dreams, imagination, art and time in nature in a more extroverted way.

Human beings live in a very difficult time. Many issues assail us and the usual means of dealing with them don’t seem to be solutions or make them worse. It has been said that it is only when the usual means to solve the problems within a society don’t work that the belief system we unconsciously live by becomes visible to us. At that moment one often experiences a loss of meaning. What does have meaning in my life right now one asks? If earning more money or having more things doesn’t feel right or seem to be contributing to the issues surrounding us where do I find new meaning? How do I live a fuller more conscious life?

In these moments each individual is being asked to grow, to become more conscious of their inner and outer lives through experiences which can begin to provide deeper meaning and start to provide an answer to a deep longing for something else, for Something New, hidden in our hearts all along.

So in this context I am offering a range of experiences in three areas each one based on an outer perspective of the mind-body connection and an inner seeing and connection to psyche-soma. The first is Something New- Movement which includes Pilates, authentic movement and movement in nature. The second is Something New- Depth , including dream work, active imagination and shadow work. The third is Something New- Nature Play, soul experiences, group projects and art in the natural world.

I am presently in the midst of developing these programs and will post online when they come available in the fall 2017.









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