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Charles Eisenstein:

Robert Romanyshyn:

John A. Livingston “The Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation” and ”One Cosmic Instant”

Joseph A. Tainter “The Collapse of Complex Societies”

Where Have We Come From:

Charles Eisenstein “Ascent of Humanity” (online version available)

Richard Tarnas:

Sacred World-A New Story:

Charles Eisenstein “Sacred Economics” (online version available)

Charles Eisenstein “The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible” (online version available)

E. F. Schumacher: “Small is Beautiful”

Depth Psychology:

Richard Tarnas “Cosmos and Psyche”  and “The Passion of the Western Mind”

Robert Romanyshyn “Technology as Symptom and Dream” and “The Wounded Researcher: Research with Soul in Mind”

Joseph Campbell ”The Power of Myth”

Michael Conforti “Field, Form and Fate: Patterns in Mind, Nature and Psyche”

Jeffrey Raff “The Practice of Ally Work”

James Hillman & Sonu Shamdasani “Lament of the Dead: Psychology After Jung’s Red Book”

C.G. Jung’s “Red Book”

Creativity, Dreams and Seeing in a New Way:

Rals’ Notebook:

Russell Lockhart “Psyche Speaks” & “Words as Eggs”

Russell Lockhart & Paco Mitchell “Dreams. Bones and the Future”

The Nature Institute:

The Dark Mountain Project:

Kim Rosen/Poetry:

Martin Prechtel “The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun”

Daniel Deardorff “The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture & Psyche”

Leviathan Studio:


New Relationships With Nature:

Bill Plotkin “Wild Mind: A Field guide to the Human Psyche”

Stephen Harding:

Stephen Harding “Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia”

David Abram:

David Abram “The Spell of the Sensuous” and “Becoming Animal”

Stephen R. Kellert “Birthright: People and Nature in the Modern World”

Arne Naess “The Ecology of Wisdom: Writings by Arne Naess”

Bill Devall “Deep Ecology: Living as if Nature Mattered”

George Sessions “Deep Ecology for the 21st Century”

C. G. Jung “The Earth has a Soul: C. G. Jung on Nature”

Thomas Berry “The Great Work-Our Way Into the Future” & “The Dream of the Earth”

Contemplative Photography:

Julie DuBose “Effortless Beauty”

Andy Karr and Michael Wood “The Practice of Contemplative Photography: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes”


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Cloud Atlas

The Ghost in the Machine


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