My Poetry


Do I bow my head?

Or look in to the light

Do I gaze at the sun’s eye brow?

Or melt in prayer

Do I go out dancing with the wind?

Or glisten and reflect

Between us is a field

Where our voices are heard

Raised up in joy

In stillness

A Needle Just Won’t Do


Life, Real Life, got caught up

Our techno-Gordian knot

Squeezed ever tighter

Within complexity

Threads of soul

Love, and beauty and truth

Choking to death

One person says

I hope things will be better in the future

Another says

I remember the past, it will solve the present

Our egos say technology will save us

Bring on the machines

I sense my soul there

I love 🙂 my phone

We cheer not knowing why

But we hope it’s the right thing to do

Because we did it in the past

My phone app said do it

So I did! Selfie!

God rolls on

Looking for a remembrance

Of the beginning

Wondering how

Mirroring got so

Screwed Up

And so one day

Something new arrived

Humming a sly tune

Owls heard and reflected

The Great Unraveler