Recent Videos of Interest

Carl Jung: The World Hangs on a Thin Thread…

A Man In Love With Redwoods

Forest Man-Helping to Heal the Earth

Tree Book by Camilla Nelson

“Tree Book” by Camilla Nelson from bruno roubicek on Vimeo.

The Future Library, Norway

The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Sounds


Intuition, Quantum Mechanics and Animal Communication

Beauty, Pain and Being Between Stories


Charles Eisenstein- Inter-Being and Our Living Planet


Science Begins to Learn Water is Alive


Soul and Water-The Mother

OF SOULS + WATER: THE MOTHER from NRS Films on Vimeo.


A New Story of the People


The Calving Of A Huge Greenland Glacier


Gabor Mate: Most Of Us Are Addicted And It Is Destroying Our World. How?


Landfill Harmonic- Imagination, Creativity And Play (MORE VIDEOS BELOW)


What Is Sacred Economics? – A Short Film


Anima Mundi Film Trailer


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  1. Love your new site! Beautiful photography, cards and art and the most integrated and poignant video’s!!! Want to share it all. Thank you!

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