Water Speaking Project

I love water, all of its textures, movement, light and shadow playing on and through it, its thirst quenching, lip smacking aliveness. In other words I love the soul of water. One day as I was walking by the river where I live a spontaneous image came up inside me to create a mosaic about water speaking. After some mulling over what to do I’ve decided to create the mosaic as a creative commons. In the last few years I have become more and more interested in exploring and experiencing ways for the soul of nature to be heard, to speak if you will, and to build community around such creative activities. Further, my desire is to bring deeper meaning back into our increasingly machine like world to support the soul evolution of the Earth community human and non-human.

I would like to exhibit the mosaic along with a booklet containing individual connections (art, prose, poetry) to pictures of water speaking. My hope is to promote group creativity and greater relationship to water. If you are interested in this collective art project please send me pictures of water speaking to you.

How to proceed?

To explore what I mean by “water speaking” let your intuition and heart guide you to water that is desiring connection with you. As far as this project is concerned there are no restrictions on the form water may want to speak to you in. Sit with the water, greet it out loud or in some other way that appeals to you. By acknowledging the water and the place you are creating ritual space for opening to the soul sacredness of the water and of the setting you are in. In this space soul speaking can arise. Now empty your mind of thoughts as much as possible. Let your body relax and open, be sensual. With your eyes open or closed “Something” will come to your mind/body/heart/guts. This process may start slowly, be frustrating and your ego may say what a bunch of phooey. Don’t let that critical voice engage you, stay with your focus of stillness inside and wait. “Something will eventually come”. It may be surprising. Then if you desire create from what you have received.

I would like you to send me a picture (photo, painting, drawing or something else) of the water you related to. It can be submitted to me at my email address amdmdaniel@gmail.com. Please send jpeg images of 3 megabytes or less. Also send your response, the “art” you created by email, mail. Any photos or pictures submitted will remain your property, will never be shared and will be deleted from the mosaic if you so desire. Neither the mosaic nor booklet will be for sale I am interested in a community growing around this kind of thing.

If you have any thoughts or questions please contact me.